100% visa garanti

  • We help our students to provide visas to the Ukrainian Embassy; We are ready to resolve any issues when applying for a visa and obtaining a Ukraine residence permit upon arrival in Ukraine;
  • We have improved all our programs down to the last detail while welcoming foreign students to Ukrainian higher education institutions. We work with Ukrainian embassies and consulates, which allows us to solve almost all issues related to the issuance of visas to our clients. We also cooperate with the police in matters concerning foreign citizens in Ukraine;
  • We solve the toughest problems in visa issuance, the learning process, document verification with professionalism - which other companies don’t offer;

Services for parents

Receive and send a travel invitation

Booking of hotels and other places for our clients

Transfer of our clients from the airport to the hostel

Delivery of the car and drivers for the daily excursion

Translator services