Ukraine is a hospitable and beautiful country with a European education system. Today more than 63,000 foreign students from 152 countries of the world study in Ukrainian universities. And each year their number increases. In the Ukrainian higher education system there are educational institutions of different accreditation levels: colleges, institutes, universities, academies, which train highly qualified specialists of various profiles. Foreign students not only receive theoretical knowledge, but also acquire practical skills. Giving thanks to strong teaching staff, development and introduction of new technologies in the educational process and in the education system, Ukrainian universities train professionals capable of increasing the prestige of their country of origin.

10 reasons why you should choose education in Ukraine:

1. Flexible entry requirements to Ukraine and a straightforward procedure for entering university. Visa-free regime for foreign applicants applies to some CIS countries, Europe, Canada, Japan, Israel. Visas are provided to citizens of other countries. To enter university in Ukraine, you do not need to take exams and be tested.

2. Tolerant society. There are no interracial conflicts in Ukraine, there is no religious oppression and interethnic confrontation. Ukrainians are tolerant of foreign citizens and are known for their hospitality to the world.

3. Affordable cost of training in Ukraine. Tuition fees in Ukraine are significantly lower than those charged in Europe, CIS and North America.

4. Check in at the hostel. Ukrainian universities offer foreign students a place at the hostel. The cost is very democratic.

5. High European level of education. The main Ukrainian universities have a long history, a solid school of education. Many of them have worldwide recognition. Ukraine has been a party to the Bologna Declaration since 2005 and has a standardized education system with 46 other European countries, which increases the mobility of students and graduates.

6. Possibility to choose the type of training. In Ukraine, different training options are available for foreign citizens: baccalaureate level, masters and postgraduate training. You can study remotely and in the correspondence department. Choice of language - English, Russian.

7. Preparatory courses. Most universities organize preparatory courses in Russian and Ukrainian for foreign applicants. Preparation for training at a higher education institution takes 6 to 10 months.

8. Large choice of specialties. In Ukrainian universities you can acquire a specialty: medical, legal, economic, technical, humanitarian, etc.

9. Successful start to career in any country in the world. Ukraine is a member of the Hague and Lisbon Conventions, which provide for a simplified document legalization process and recognize higher education qualifications in Europe. The Ukrainian diploma is recognized in all countries of the world.

Medical services

If you are sick in Ukraine, you will receive the necessary treatment for your medical insurance. In addition, you will be reimbursed for the insurance premium and any costs you incurred during the period of medical insurance.

Accommodation and hostel

The system of living in Ukraine is very convenient, both for renting an apartment and for living in a hostel. For this reason, you can choose a more convenient option for you. In Ukraine, hostel fees are paid annually, and prices range from $ 400 to $ 1,000. If you prefer to rent an apartment, the rent increases by $ 100 per month, depending on location and amenities. In Ukraine, Time Education Abroad Consultancy will assist you at all times regarding your residency issue.

An inn

Banking services

Ukraine is one of the countries where the banking system is sufficiently developed. ATMs are located throughout the city. Cash withdrawals from ATMs and commission rates vary by bank card. You can also easily make cash transactions at exchange offices in the city.


Ukraine is a large country with a developed transport system. The city has the option of taking a bus or a metro. The price of a bus ticket: from 6 UAH, the price of a ticket in the metro is 8 UAH, the price of a monthly ticket is 250 UAH. Taxi prices are also not very expensive.